Frequency Shifter - single sideband modulation


Frekvens is a frequency shifter and delay effect. Unlike a pitch shifter all frequencies are shifted linearly and then fed back into itself using the stereo delay unit. The frequency shifting is achieved with single sideband modulation using a hilbert transform and an infinite impulse response filter for fast computations. Frekvens also comes with a high and low pass filter and a lfo for modulating the delay play head.

Linear frequency shifter

Frekvens is not a pitch shifter. All frequencies are shifted linearly with single sideband modulation.


Further shape the sound with a resonant low pass and high pass filter. A stereo delay is used to feed back the shifted signal back into itself.


Control all parameters with Core MIDI. Connect to other sound application through audiobus or inter app audio.


Frekvens works both with iPad and iPhone.



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