Sinusoid - retro 4 channel tracker


Sinusoid is an 8-bit inspired tracker/sequencer sound toy. It has 4 channels where 3 play tones and 1 plays drums or noise. There are per channel global sound settings for attack, decay, wave shapes (sine, square, triangle and pulse), tremolo, resonant filter, arpeggio, delay and bit crush. Individual note settings can control note pitch, volume, stereo pan, envelope speed and pitch glide. Input notes with external keyboard, connect to other apps with audiobus or inter app audio and export compositions to email, audio copy or soundcloud. Support for Akai Pro's SynthStation25 keyboard controller is included. SynthStation25 delivers instant hardware control for improved performance capability and expression. For more information on SynthStation25, visit
Made for iPhone and iPad.

What people say:


Play and add notes with Core MIDI. Connect to other sound application through audiobus or inter app audio.


Play tunes with your iCade controller.



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