4 channel tracker
for iPhone and iPad


Sinusoid is a tracker/sequencer sound machine inspired by retro 8 bit game consoles. It has 4 sound channels where 3 play tones and 1 plays drums and noise. It has audio parameters like pan, amplitude envelope, vibrato, pitch glide, a resonant filter and second oscillator for ring modulation and fm. Further sculpt the sound with an arpeggiator, delay and bit crusher. Export songs to AIFF and listen to them in the in app music player or share them with other apps. MIDI can be used to control parameters, play and input notes. MIDI out makes it possible to play other synths with sinusoid using Core MIDI, Bluetooth, IAA MIDI or AUv3 MIDI. Connect to other sound apps using Audiobus, Inter App Audio or AUv3.
:: Removing legacy support for Akai Synth Station 25, Kicade and Souncloud upload.

Designed and created by Erik Sigth
for iOS (iPhone and iPad)


More Info

  • 4 Channels: where channel 0 - 3 can play sinusoid, square, triangle, saw or pulse pulse (75%, 50%, 25% or 12.5%) and channl 4 can play drum samples or noise.
  • Cells: shows a summery of that cell's settings, like volume, pan, note, attack, length and release. Each note can override the channel settings indicated by the top right dot.
  • Pages: are organised in groups of 4x16 cells. Long hold to open menu and double tap to play next.
  • Note: Current selected note.
  • Octave: Current selected note's octave.
  • Volume: Note volume.
  • Pan: Stereo pan left/right.
  • Oscillator: Sine, square, triangle, saw and pulse (75%, 50%, 25% and 12.5%), or sample or noise.
  • Attack: Envelope attack 0-5s.
  • Release: Envelope release 0-5s.
  • Length: stereo pan left/right.
  • Osc 2: A second oscillator for simple mix, ring modulation or fm.
  • Mix: Mix or gain level.
  • Detune: Pitch of the oscillator -36 to 36 semitones.
  • Speed: Envelope is a mirror of oscillator 1 at a speed between 0 - 100%.
  • Vibrato: Lfo controlled oscillator pitch.
  • Frequency: Speed of the vibrato lfo.
  • Pitch sweep: Sweep the pitch up or down.
  • Amount: Amount of pitch between 0 - 36 semitones.
  • Speed: Speed of the pitch sweep between 0 - 5s.
  • Filter: A resonant filter.
  • Type: Choose between low, band or high pass.
  • Cut-Off: Cut-off frequency.
  • Resonance: Q or resonance amount.
  • Glide: Sets how fast the filter moves to the set frequency.
  • Arpeggie: Arpeggio can be used as both stutter and arpeggio.
  • Chord: A few different chord possiblities based on the root note.
  • Trigger: Determines how many times the note should retrigger. If set to no retrig, the arpeggio note will play without retriggering amplitude envelope.
  • Octaves: Can be set to range between 1 - 4 octaves.
  • Divide: Control the speed of the arpeggio or stutter as a fraction of the bpm.
  • Delay: Standard tape delay.
  • Divide: delay length which depends on the bpm.
  • Bits: bit crush effect.
  • Samplerate Crush: sample and hold effect.



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