voice bot

Voice bot is a real time channel vocoder. Using the microphone, your voice modulates the synth resulting in a robot like singing voice. The synth engine, also known as the carrier, comes with the oscillator shapes saw, square, pulse and noise and a pitch lfo. For the modulation part of the engine there is amplification settings for 8 frequency bands, frame smudge and sample rate, delay and flanger. There is also a minimalistic sampler and support for midi keys and Audiobus.

+++ microphone input.
+++ oscillator (saw, square, pulse and noise).
+++ 8 band amplification.
+++ frame smudge.
+++ sample rate.
+++ pitch lfo.
+++ delay.
+++ flanger.
+++ self adapting input gain.
+++ output gain.
+++ core midi (usb/wifi).
+++ Audiobus (output, effect and input).

Download [pdf guide].


Why no sinusoid you might ask. Well, the idea of the channel vocoder is that you have a frequency rich carrier. A sinusoid is simply too perfect in this context.

8 band amplification

Allows to set the amplification for 8 frequency bands. Even though the vocoder is working with more channels/bands for a clearer signal.

frame smudge

Because this vocoder is digital it computes the output in chunks of windows, or frames. By smudging the windows together you get the effect of not really hearing speach clearly but voice bot becomes more of a synth that you play with your voice or sounds in your suroundings.

frame rate

For a nice retro crushed sound, from 44100Hz - 1Hz.

pitch lfo

Gives kind of a playful twist to your voice.


Samples the pure modulator signal wich means all effects can still be changed.


Well, everyone knows what delay is I hope...


In short the flanger is a pitch varying delay. Can give a richer chorus like effect.
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